The boundaries of the fire district as it presently exists or as it may from time to time be amended are shown on the Fire District Map on file in the office of the city clerk. The boundaries as shown upon that map shall have the same force and effect as through fully set forth or described in this article.

(Code 1982)

No person shall erect or cause to be erected within the fire limits of the city, any structure of any description exceeding 10 feet in height, unless both the outside and partial walls thereof be composed of brick or stone or other incombustible material. In buildings one story in height, the walls shall not be less than eight inches in thickness. In a building two stories high, the walls shall not be less than 12 inches in thickness in the first story and the walls in the second story not less than eight inches in thickness. In three story buildings, the walls of the first story shall be not less than 16 inches in thickness; in the second story not less than 12 inches in thickness, and in the third story, the walls shall be not less than eight inches in thickness.

The roofs of all buildings within the fire limits shall be covered with tin, copper, iron, gravel or other equally fireproof roofing. Where the so-called gravel roofs are used, a heavy coat of gravel shall be well and thoroughly imbedded in the composition roofing material used, and such roof shall be subject to the approval of the city superintendent. If any building shall be built, or removed or relocated within the fire limits, and the same when built, removed or relocated does not comply in every respect to the foregoing provisions, it will be the duty of the chief of police to immediately notify the person who has built, or removed or relocated the building, or who is building, removing or relocating such building, to take down and remove the same within 24 hours, and if such building is not taken down and removed in compliance with such notice, the chief of police shall cause the same to be torn down and removed from the fire limits.

(Code 1973, 4-102)

No person, persons, contractor, company or corporation shall erect or cause to be erected within the fire limits of the city, any structure of any kind, nor enlarge or add to the out.5ide dimensions thereof, or relocate any building or structure already erected, or which may hereafter be erected, without a building permit being first obtained therefor from the city clerk and approved by the city superintendent. The application for such permit shall be made and the permit obtained before the work is commenced upon the foundation for any proposedbuildin8 or structure, or before the work or removal of any building begins. The application shall state the exact site to be occupied, the material, dimensions and estimated costs of the proposed building, structure or addition, the purpose for which the same is intended to be occupied, the number of flues to be constructed within the same, and the probably time in which the work will be completed. Approval of the application will not occur prior to all of the required information being provided.

(Code 1973, 4-103; Ord. 2805; Ord. 2807; Code 2016)

The chief of police shall have full power to stop the construction of any building or structure, or any part thereof, or the making of any alteration, addition or repairs to same, within the fire limits of the city, when the same is being done in violation of this article.

(Code 1973, 4-104)

All water service pipes leading from the city water mains, across or along that portion of streets, avenues or alleys, paved or to be paved or under sidewalks within the fire limits in the city, shall be of Type K copper, or plastic approved by the city.

(Code 1973, 4-105; Code 2007)