The parcels of real estate described below in the City of Anthony, and any other lot, block, or parcel of ground which may hereafter be acquired by purchase, donation, or condemnation for the purpose of a public park, are hereby declared to be public parks of the city, and are subject to K.S.A. 12-1301:

(a)   The city park situation on Block 84 and fractional Block 4 shall be known as Prospect Park.

(b)   The city park situated in Block 43 shall be known as Memorial Park.

(c)   The city park situated in Block 6W shall be known as North Park.

(d)   The city-owned property around the Anthony Lake, located in portions of Sections 11 and 14 in Township 33 South, Range 7 West, with the exclusion of the platted Spring Creek Housing Addition, shall be declared a public park, and shall be known as the Anthony Lake Park.

(Ord. 2814; Code 2016)

It shall be unlawful to:

(a)   Ride or drive into, upon or across any public park of the city;

(b)   Cut down, injure, destroy or carry away any tree, shrub, vine, bush, flower, growing grass, or other plant placed or growing for use, shade or ornament, in any public park;

(c)   Remove, deface, injure or destroy any seat, post, stands, swings, fences, buildings or other property placed within any public park for use or ornament.

(Code 1973, 13-102)

No person shall urinate or defecate in or upon any street, sidewalk, alley, plaza, park, public building, public property, private parking lot, or in any place open to the public or exposed to public view. This section shall not apply to urination or defecation utilizing fixtures in any public or private restroom or other facility designed for the sanitary disposal of human waste.

(Ord. 2801; Code 2016)