There is hereby created an Anthony Municipal Airport Board which shall consist of five members, residents of Harper County, at least three members who shall be residents of the city who shall be appointed by the mayor with the approval of the commission.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 1)

The initial appointments to the board shall be one member for one year, one member for two years, one member for three years and two members for four years with all of the terms on the initial board to commence November 1, 1989 and expire accordingly, regardless of the day of appointment. As the initial terms expire, all subsequent appointments shall be for a term of four years each.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 2)

The chairperson of the board shall be elected by the board members annually in November of each year and the board shall meet for this purpose during November of each year.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 4)

The board shall elect its own officers, make its own rules and regulations and keep a journal of its proceedings and provide copy thereof, to the governing body. A majority of the members shall be a quorum for the transaction of the business.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 5)

The board shall meet at least once a quarter and shall furnish the governing body a written report of all meetings and it shall furnish an annual report as soon as possible after the conclusion of each year.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 6)

Members of the board shall serve without compensation.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 7)

It shall be the duty of the board to advise the governing body of matters, concerning the care, maintenance, and use of the Anthony Municipal Airport. The board shall further recommend to the governing body the location of any additions, modifications, construction, repair, replacements, placements, and landscaping of any and all facilities, equipment, buildings, runways, or any items dealing with the city airport.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 8)

The governing body shall have the right to review the conduct, acts and decisions of the Anthony Municipal Airport Board. Any person may appeal from any ruling or order from the Anthony Municipal Airport Board to the governing body which may hear the matter and make final decision.

(Ord. G-2624, Sec. 9)