For the purpose of this chapter the following words and phrases shall mean:

(a)   Manufactured Homes. - A portable structure built upon a chassis equipped with running gear and designed to be used without a permanent foundation as a permanent or semi-permanent dwelling when connected to utilities.

(b)   Mobile Home Park. - Any premises designed or equipped for the parking of two or more manufactured homes used for permanent or semi-permanent residential purposes.

(c)   Recreational Vehicle. - A self-powered vehicle containing sleeping, cooking and sanitary facilities and intended for temporary occupancy while on vacation or other trip of short duration. In no case shall a recreational vehicle be considered a temporary or permanent residential structure for purposes of this article.

(d)   Travel Trailer. - A vehicle intended to be pulled behind a car or truck and which is equipped for sleeping and/or cooking purposes while on vacation or other trip of short duration and which may contain limited sanitary facilities.

(Code 1986, 10-101; Code 2007)

Mobile homes shall only be permitted in an approved mobile home park except as provided in section 9-103.

(Code 1986, 10-102; Code 2007)

(a)   A mobile home may be located outside an approved mobile home park only when the mobile home:

(1)   has been converted into a permanent structure subject to all requirements of the building, electrical, plumbing, gas and sanitary codes and zoning ordinances of the city;

(2)   has been placed upon a permanent foundation;

(3)   shall be used for a residence only by the owner;

(4)   is located on a lot of not less than 50 feet in width at its smallest dimension and not less than 10 feet from the boundary line of any adjoining property;

(b)   Before any mobile home may be located on a lot outside a mobile home park a building permit shall first be obtained in the same manner as a permit for new construction. The fees shall be the same as for new construction and the application for a permit first shall be sent to the city planning commission for review and recommendation. A permit shall be issued only on authority of the city governing body.

(Code 1986, 10-103; Code 2007)

(a)   No recreational vehicle or travel trailer shall be used for permanent or semi-permanent residential purposes. Nothing in this section shall prohibit the use of tents, pickup campers and other such equipment from also utilizing an approved campground or camper park.

(b)   Recreational vehicles or travel trailers may be stored in a private garage or on the side or rear yards of private homes, business or industrial areas, but no trailer so stored shall be used for residential purposes.

(Code 1986, 10-104; Code 2007)

Mobile homes may be used as a temporary office or other nonresidential structure on the site of a construction project so long as the structure is removed upon completion of the project. Mobile structures also may be used as temporary classroom facilities in connection with public schools, or private schools with equivalent curriculum.

(Code 1986, 10-105; Code 2007)