(a)   Drainage. - Each mobile home park shall be graded so that no runoff water shall collect or stand upon any mobile home site, playground, parking lot or street or drive.

(b)   Electric. - Each mobile home space shall be provided with an electrical connection. Electric lines and facilities provided within the mobile home park shall meet the requirements of the electrical code.

(c)   Lot size. - Each site within a mobile home park designed for the parking of a mobile home shall contain not less than 2,500 square feet of lot space.

(d)   Open space. - Each mobile home shall be located on the mobile home site so that no part of one mobile home structure, including canopies, awnings, carports and other protrusions, is closer than 15 feet to another mobile home, or to the edge of the surface of a drive. No mobile home shall be located closer than 20 feet to the boundary line of the mobile home park or closer than 20 feet to a public street bordering a mobile home park.

(e)   Parking. - At least one parking space shall be provided for each mobile home. Each parking space shall be off the public street or private roadway within the mobile home park. Parking spaces shall be hard surfaced to the same standards as mobile home park drives.

(f)    Refuse. - Each operator of a mobile home park shall make provision for the collection and disposition of refuse. The occupant of each mobile home space shall provide a suitable fly-tight, water proof container for the storage of garbage and trash. In lieu of individual containers, the park operator may provide for bulk containers, provided that no bulk container shall be located more than 200 feet from a mobile home site.

(g)   Sewers. - All mobile home spaces within a mobile home park shall be provided with a sanitary sewer which conforms to the plumbing code for mobile home connections.

(h)   Skirting. - Each mobile home shall be skirted within 30 days after being placed within a mobile home park. Skirting shall completely encircle the perimeter of the mobile home and shall be of a material harmonious to the mobile home structure.

(i)    Storm Shelter. - Each mobile home park shall provide a storm shelter or shelters with capacity for the design occupancy of the park.

(j)    Streets and Drives. - All streets and drives within the mobile home park shall be improved to standards to be determined by the city engineer and approved by the city governing body.

(k)   Water Lines. - Each mobile home space shall be provided with a connection to the city water supply. The water supply system, including mobile home connections, shall meet the standards established by the plumbing code for potable water supply.

(Code 1986, 10-201; Code 2007)

No mobile home park shall be constructed within the city until the developer shall first have received a special use permit from the city. Application for a special use permit shall be made to the city clerk who shall forward the application to the city planning commission for review and recommendation. The application shall be accompanied with a site plan, drawn to scale, which shall show:

(a)   The legal description of the tract;

(b)   The name of the developer and of the firm preparing the plan;

(c)   The north point, scale and date;

(d)   Proposed street and drive pattern;

(e)   Mobile home site spaces with dimensions;

(f)    Any existing streets in or abutting the property;

(g)   Location and size of parking spaces;

(h)   Location and size of any park or playground area.

(Code 1986, 10-202; Code 2007)

It shall be the duty of every mobile home court park operator to see that all mobile homes within the park are placed upon piers and secured by tie-downs as provided by state law.

(K.S.A. Supp. 75-1230:1231; Code 1986, 10-203; Code 2007)

Each mobile home park shall be operated by a resident manager who shall be responsible for the maintenance of the park. He or she shall see that all mobile home sites are maintained in a clean, sanitary and orderly manner. No trash, garbage or other litter as defined in section 7-201 shall be permitted to accumulate or remain around any mobile home within a mobile home park.

(Code 1986, 10-204; Code 2007)