It shall be the duty of the city superintendent to bring to grade all sidewalks ordered in by the governing body at the expense of the city.

(Code 1973, 15-301)

All sidewalks constructed or reconstructed in this city shall be constructed on the established grade on file in the city clerk’s office.

(Code 1973, 15-302)

No person shall build any sidewalk without first obtaining from the city clerk a permit therefor. Every contractor or other person building a sidewalk shall notify the city clerk at the time of commencing to build the same. No person shall be entitled to collect any money on any contract for the construction of any sidewalk without first obtaining the permit herein provided for and until the same shall have been approved by the city superintendent. No person shall authorize the construction of any sidewalk except on written contract which shall specifically provide that the same shall be constructed in accordance with the specifications in this article.

(Code 1973, 15-303)

The space reserved for sidewalks shall be eight feet along the street adjoining the line of the lot, except on Main Street, where the space reserved for sidewalks shall be 12 feet. Wherever any sidewalk shall be built to a width less than the space reserved for sidewalk, it shall be laid midway in such space. Whenever any walk shall be constructed across any street or alley, the middle line of the walk shall be laid opposite to and connected with the middle line of the space reserved for sidewalk on each side of such street or alley. All sidewalks and crosswalks built or rebuilt shall be laid upon a uniform and established grade. Sidewalks are defined into classes as follows:

(a)   First class sidewalks shall be 12 feet in width;

(b)   Second class sidewalks shall be eight feet in width;

(c)   Third class sidewalks shall be six feet in width;

(d)   Fourth class sidewalks shall be four feet in width.

(Code 1973, 15-304)

All sidewalks shall be construed according to the following specifications:

(1)   Concrete shall be a minimum of 3,000 PSI rock mix w/minimum 4” thickness.

(2)   Contraction joints may be sawed or formed w/5’ maximum spacing and 1 1/2” minimum depth.

(3)   Slope sidewalk a minimum of 1/2” per foot toward curb and gutter.

(4)   Sub-grade shall be well compacted and all loose dirt removed.

(5)   A 2” compacted sand sub base is recommended or sub base shall be compacted top soil with all clay or rock removed.

(6)   A contraction joint shall be placed every 125 feet using 3/4” preformed expansion material.

(7)   Surface of finished concrete shall have a light broom finish.

(8)   The city shall reserve the right to take concrete cylinder samples to insure quality control.

(9)   Exception to the above shall be by written permission from the city superintendent.

(Ord. G-2601, Sec. 1)

All sidewalks or crosswalks which may not be constructed in the manner or on the grade duly established, shall be condemned by the city superintendent. Upon the condemnation of any sidewalk, the city superintendent shall give notice in writing to the owner or tenant of the property adjoining such sidewalk of his or her action. Any party in interest may appeal from such condemnation to the governing body by notifying the city superintendent in writing of his or her intention so to do. Upon receipt of notice of appeal, the city superintendent shall immediately notify the commissioner of roads and streets. The committee shall examine into the matter, and report to the governing body at the next regular meeting. A decision of the governing body sustaining or annulling the condemnation shall be final. If the condemnation shall be sustained, the city superintendent shall immediately proceed to reconstruct the sidewalk so as to conform to the provisions of this article. In case of the condemnation of a crosswalk the city superintendent shall immediately report his or her action to the governing body, and if his or her report be confirmed the crosswalk shall be constructed to conform to the requirements of this article.

(Code 1973, 14-306)

The owner of property in front of which a sidewalk shall have been ordered to be constructed or rebuilt may construct such sidewalk if, within five days from the publication of the order, he or she files a notice with the city clerk of his or her intention to construct such sidewalk, describing in such notice the premises along which he or she intends to construct the same. Upon the filing of such notice he or she shall have 30 days from the date thereof in which to construct or rebuild the sidewalk in accordance with the orders of the governing body and the provisions of this article. If he or she does not so construct or rebuild such sidewalk within the period of time above specified, the same shall be constructed or rebuilt by the city.

Whenever the city in any manner shall make repairs or build any sidewalk or make any other improvements for which special assessments are provided by law, the cost thereof shall be assessed against the property abutting thereon, and collected in the manner prescribed by law. The owner of any property abutting on any such improvement may pay the amount of the improvement in cash to the city clerk, at any time before the assessment is certified to the county clerk.

(Code 1973, 15-307)

The outside of the parking of any street 60 feet in width shall be 17 feet from the property line; on any street 80 feet in width, 25 feet from the property line, and on any street 100 feet in width, 30 feet from the property line. On Washington Street and Steadman Street between Springfield Avenue on the east to Lawrence Avenue on the west, the outside of the parking shall be 18 feet from the property line. The inside line of all parking shall be two inches below the sidewalk, and the parking shall slope downward one-sixth of an inch to the foot from the sidewalk toward the street.

(Code 1973, 15-308)

Any person who shall construct or assist in constructing any sidewalk or crosswalk, or rebuild or assist in rebuilding any sidewalk or crosswalk, or make or assist in making any improvement whatever upon the streets, avenues or alleys of the city shall do so in accordance with the maps, plans, specifications and profiles of the city superintendent above mentioned, and the rules and directions herein contained.

(Code 1973, 15-310,311)

For the violation of section 15-309 of this article each day that the work is left in a condition unsatisfactory to the city inspector shall be considered a separate violation under this article with the exception that each such day shall not be considered a separate violation where repair work in accordance with city specifications and requirements has been commenced.

(Code 1973, 15-312)