There is created a board to be known as the Anthony Youth Commission, which shall consist of not more than fifteen (15) members: from Chaparral High School or a private high school. The members will be city residents or residents of no more than five (5) miles outside of Anthony city limits, unless approved by the City Commission, who are actively enrolled in a p·1blic or private high school in grades nine through 12. The members shall be appointed by the City Commission and each member appointed shall serve a term of one year. Unlike other boards, the term of the members of the Anthony Youth Commission will expire and be appointed in August of each year. The commissioners will attend board meetings and, along with city staff, coordinate activities.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)

The Anthony Youth Commission shall elect a chairman to conduct meetings, a vice chairman to conduct meetings in the absence of the chairman, and a secretary. Elections shall be held at the first regular meeting after annual appointments are made by the City Commission.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)

Irregular vacancies on the Anthony Youth Commission shall be filled as they occur and regular vacancies shall be filled by appointment in August of each year.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)

The Anthony Youth Commission shall hold at least one regular meeting per quarter, with option to meet more often as needed or desired. Public record of such meetings shall be kept by the office of the City Clerk/ Administrator. All meetings shall be public under the Kamas Open Meetings Act.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)

The Anthony Youth Commission will follow the Anthony Youth Commission Policies and Procedures as outlined in the Anthony Youth Commission By-Laws, as approved by the Anthony City Commission.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)

The Anthony Youth Commission shall have the duty and responsibility to:

(a)   Evaluate and review problems facing youth in the city.

(b)   Facilitate neighborhood meetings with youth to discuss problems, needs, suggested improvements for our community.

(c)   Meet regularly with the Mayor and City Commission to share ideas and discuss issues, concerns, and needed improvements.

(d)   Attend City Commission meetings and participate in vision and goal sessions.

(e)   Present recommended improvements to the City Commission and City Clerk/Administrator of public projects and programs.

(f)    Assist in planning youth/recreation activities.

(g)   Evaluate and advise the City Commission and/or City Clerk/ Administrator on issues forwarded to the Anthony Youth Commission for advice.

(Ord. 2777; Ord. 2778; Code 2016)